Hydroponic & Garden Pot
Accurate Watering Specifications
require knowledge of the type
of soil being watered.
If you are using potting soil
in your Hydro or Garden pot:

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Use the "Jar Test Analyser"
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If not specified, Calculator will assume
a MODERATE WATER usage plant

As water determines an important
part of overall plant expense;

Estimate plant water cost
If not specified, Calculator will assume
National avg. of $1.50 per 1,000 gals.

Water required cost is estimated for dry
climates with less than 15" rainfall per year.


    Width in.   Height   

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If this plant is added to a system
zone that already has a set time
enter that time: mins.

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Soil information:

Clay %  Silt % Sand %
Type of soil is:

Soil water absorbency rating is:

Watering calculations based on Your input data:
Double Check your input answers for accuracy

Volume of soil to be watered in this:

Watering specifications below are based on irrigating:          

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With proper irrigation, the soil before watering
will be moist enough to prevent plant wilt.
Due to this - individual waterings need to provide:
To saturate soil when totally dry gallons.
Calculations for drip due to it's capacity for
superior moisture distribution.

This Plant & Soil Type will likely require
annual irrigation cycles.
Based on this, in a warm dry climate
The annual water cost estimate:
Annual rainfall greater than 12" will reduce this