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Accurate Irrigation Specifications
require knowledge of the type
soil composition being watered.
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drain rate or composition
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(dry climates less than 15" rainfall annually)
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Current Irrigation Schedule
Choose a preferred number of start times, or
if the plant has been hand watered til now

Current or desired Run Time Minutes
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Time between 1st & last start Hours
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Understanding Results
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Soil area to be Irrigated

SCHEDULING & Moisture Depth          

Emitter Details & Information

Typical Monthly Irrigation Schedule

(F*)Fahrenheit (<)less than (>) greater than

        Plant & Project ID
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Soil information (you provided)

Calculations from that Information

Volume of soil to be irrigated

Dry climate annual irrigation  

Annual Plant Water Cost  

Ideal Irrigation Concepts for Plant

Ideal vs. Actual: Possible Issues

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Understanding Pg 2 Results
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