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Warning! Water is being wasted, and plants are being stressed and dying because far too many irrigation systems are poorly designed. Soil composition is being ignored. With slow draining soil, even hand watering requires 20 to 40 minutes of slow application in order to penetrate deeply enough to support a strong root system. Who stands in one spot for that long! Fast draining soil too has many parameters that need to be addressed.

Way too often irrigation systems are simply copied from other popular local systems. Unfortunately, many irrigation systems in the desert southwest utilize spray type, or rapid drip emitters. These fast flow devices put out too much water to allow for adequately deep moisture permeation of the soil. The result is poor distribution, high evaporation, and wasted water. This also creates shallow root systems causing stressed plants.

Plants look like this

When they should look like this

Thriving on good distribution
and adequate deep water

In regions where annual rainfall is not enough to support normal plant life, or areas impacted by seasonal drought, proper irrigation is vitally needed in order to sustain plant life and plant health for local landscapes and gardens.

There is a genuine science for proper irrigation. Soil composition, the make-up or mix of the soil particles, differs greatly between various soils in each neighborhood. If the irrigation system does not properly match the composition of the soil, either water will be wasted or the plant will stress and decline.

Gone is the era of "guesswork-irrigation" for drought prone regions. Water is a precious resource, and plant health is vital towards each human beings' sense of happiness. We need beautiful and healthy landscapes and gardens, just as we need to conserve water.

Because the science for dealing with this can be quite complex, the Garden Calculator Pro-I has been created and designed to make this method of accomplishing these objectives understandable and practical. This science is based on matching the irrigation being applied to a soil to its' composition.

Is applying the same rate and amount of water to a clayey soil
as to a sandy soil going to work?

The factors involved in determining this "Match" can seem complex and confusing. This is why the online Garden Calculator Pro-I has been designed and provided.

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